• Gift Certificate Business Stimulus Program

  • Is your business looking for cash NOW?  Is your business slower than normal or even closed completely during this crisis?  If you answered yes to either question, you will want to read further.

    "Buy now.  Redeem later."  What does that mean to you?

    Covid-19 has sent the world into a whirlwind!  From large corporations to small business, nearly every person and business in the world is affected.  As a Chamber, we feel we have tools that we can drive cashflow into your business with very limited effort from your staff during this challenging time.  The Chamber's website sees nearly 3,000 hits per month, we have over 2,700 subscribers receiving direct communication, and we have over 2,000 Facebook followers.  We also have safe and secure point of sale software embedded in our website.  We are ready to put OUR tools and resources to work for YOU!

    What is the catch?  What do I have to pay upfront to be a part of your plan?

    There is NO upfront fees or reoccurring fees with this program.  All the Chamber will need is a one-page form filled out explaining the gift card or product you'd like to sell on our site.  We handle the rest.  It is that simple.

    How are we going to pump money into YOUR business?

    We are going to let your future customers "buy now and redeem later" from our cyber platform.  We will be building a page specifically for YOUR customers to buy gift certificates to YOUR business at a discounted price that they may redeem on a later date.  After we process their payment, we will electronically send a gift certificate to your customer with an expiration date (one year from sale).  Your business will also receive a 'Business Copy' of the certificate via email for your records.

    When do I get paid for the gift certificate sold?

    Within 72 hours of the sale, a check will be mailed to your business for the sale.

    What can I sell on your site?

    Our number one goal is to make the site financially appealing to your customers in the area and drive cash flow to YOUR business.  You can sell gift sets such as but not limited to car washes, oil changes, meals, bags of cookies, pizza's, beer packages, etc. or you can sell gift cards of any value.  We ask restrictions be limited if you will be selling gift certificates.



    We will be requiring you discount your item or gift card 20%.  10% of the discount will be passed directly to the customer.  Examples: A $25 gift certificate will cost the customer $22.50 on our website.  A $50 oil change will cost the customer $45.  The Chamber will receive the other 10% of the discount to be used for processing fees as well as administrative expenses.

    We are READY to use the tools we have at our fingertips to start pushing cash into our local economy.  By using our social media platform, email marketing platform, and radio advertising we are confident money can start flowing through every business who decides to jump on board with this initiative.


    What do I need to do to get rolling?

    Call me with questions or fill out the form attached to get started!

     We look forward to using our tools to drive your business forward during these stressful times!


    Edward J. Kane

     Executive Director

    Park Falls Area Chamber of Commerce

    400 4th Ave S.  |  Park Falls, WI 54552

    Phone:  715.762.2703  |  Fax:  715.762.4103

    Email:  director@parkfalls.com

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