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    Snowmobile Trail Conditions

    The Snowmobile trails in Price County closed on Monday March 18th.Thank you to everyone that made it up and visited our area. We have to also thank all the Land Owners and Clubs for making the trails possible. We look forward to next year. Have a safe and Busy Summer....

  • Cross-Country Ski, Snowshoe, Skijor & Fat Tire Bike Trail Report

    The trails have been groomed for possibly the last time this year. There is a good base but the weather is changing. Rain and warm temperatures this week and next week are predicted. A big thank you to all that have taken the time to groom and maintain the great trails around Price County.

    Snowshoeing, fat biking and skijoring is allowed on some trail systems during cross-country ski season. However, trail managers ask that these trail users stay off of the classic tracked portions of trail. Thank you!

    The Flambeau Hills Ski Trail 3/11/2019

    is 15 miles long with loops and trail links. The ski trail has been groomed for skate and classic cross country skiing on Monday and Tuesday March 11th and 12th (a 2 day process). Because of the rain received this week the trail will be icy.

    Squaw Creek/Solberg Lake Ski Trail 3/10/2019
    The Squaw Creek/Holy Cross trail was groomed and tracked on Sunday, 3/10/19. It is in excellent condition.

    Holy Cross 3/10/2019
    The Holy Cross Ski Trail was groomed and tracked on Monday morning, 3/11/19. The trail is in great shape. Get out and enjoy the snow before it's gone.

    Phillips School Forest Trail (skate & classic xc-ski, snowshoe,& fat tire bike) – 3/6/2019
    The Ski trail was groomed today and tracked today, Conditions are good.

    The Single Track Most of the single track trail system was groomed on Monday, 3/4/19. They are in great shape for fat biking and snowshoeing. The "C" loop (Yellow Loop) is no longer being groomed this year due to snow depth and limited use.

    Wintergreen Ski Trail 3/5/2019
    3-5-19 –
    Trails A, B, C, Kiddie and Shortcut were groomed and tracked. I attempted to groom D but after the first hill I kept getting stuck so that trail is not in the best shape at the moment. Depending on what happens this weekend weather wise it may or may not be groomed the remainder of this season. All the other trails though received multiple passes and are in excellent shape. There is still some small debris such as pine needles and leaves poking through the trail from all the wind.

    Timm’s Hill Trail 2/21/2019
    Received 6 “ of new snow. Will be groomed today.

    Palmquist Farm (skate & classic xc-ski, snowshoe, & skijor)
    SNOW REPORT: Our trails are in perfect condition for fresh grooming. There are 3 inches of cold light snow on top of a hard packed base. The groomer was making tracks today and will be out again tomorrow.

    Snowshoe Trails:
    Lake of the Pines Nature Trail, Little Falls/Slough Gundy Scenic Area, Sobieski Wildlife Area and Bass Lake Wilderness Area are just to name a few of the trails in the Forest. Some of these trails can be a real challenge. Get those snowshoes out! Be sure to bring a compass, just in case you get turned around. If you choose to go to Lake of the Pines Nature trail or Little Falls/Slough Gundy Scenic Area, there are map containers on the entrance posts of the trails, just grab a map. When hiking or snowshoeing Lake of the Pines, you can enter this trail at Lake of the Pines Landing or across from the registration station for the campground. The trail runs along the bluffs on the west bank of Lake of the Pines and into some rolling hills load