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  • ATV Trail Conditions


    The Price County Area proudly offers a wide variety of trail experiences that will captivate every ATV/UTV enthusiast! Ride over 500 miles of trails with THOUSANDS of miles of connecting trails!

    Trails in Price County are now open and in good condition. Watch for downed trees and high water due to storms from last week. Drive Safely and be aware of new elk calves and deer fawns in the area.

    Trail Tuscobia/9 Miles Loop update:
    Between Winter and the Ojibwa area there is a closure due to storm damage. There is a reroute on old 70 so you can pass through, just not on the original trail. There will be logger crews out starting Monday to start the cleanup process from Winter to Buckweats Resort where the worst hit. We will continue to update on the process. Again, there is a reroute with signage to follow.

    The Solberg Tail
    This trail remains closed while the bridges are being replaced, Work may be completed sometime this summer, but it's not likely.
    The Georgetown Tail
    This trail is open and in good shape. There will be brushing and gravel work done over the next several weeks. Logging has started on the north end of the trail just west of the White Birch Lane intersection. Logging ahead signs have been placed on each end of the sale area.

    Flambeau Trail – 70 miles – Open: May 1-March 14
    ATVs/UTVs up to 65″ wide, Off-road Motorcycles, Hike, Bike, Snowmobiles, Horseback Riding
    The Flambeau Trail System is an interconnecting network of trails which vary in length from less than one mile to over 23 miles. Many lakes, streams and the South Fork of the Flambeau River are accessible from the Flambeau Trails. The CNNF has announced that 65 inch wide ATVs & UTVs are allowed!

    Tuscobia Trail – 74 miles – Open: April 15 – November 15
    ATVs/UTVs up to 65″ wide, snowmobiles, Hike, Bike, Horseback Riding
    The Tuscobia State Trail is an abandoned rail corridor turned recreational trail. It is the connecting bloodline to several other area trails. The trailhead in Park Falls offers convenient loading/unloading ramp and ample parking along with bathrooms, pavilion and playground. Riders can travel from Park Falls non-stop to Birchwood located on the western-most edge of Sawyer County.

    Dead Horse Run Trail – 62 miles – Open: May 1-March 14
    ATVs/UTVs up to 50″ wide, Off-road Motorcycles, Hike, Bike, Snowmobiles, Horseback Riding
    The Dead Horse Run Trail offers a vast array of terrain types. Much of the trail has firm tread however, there is some rugged terrain and some sections go through wet soils where pools of water may even be present. Try it if you feel you are up to the challenge!

    Flambeau River State Forest Trail Open:May 15- November
    The Flambeau River State Forest Trail is a 38-mile multiple use trail consisting of forest roads, town roads and snowmobile routes located in the Flambeau River State Forest. The trail system connects directly to the Tuscobia State Trail. There are very few services along the trail. This is a multipurpose trail that allows motorized and non-motorized use. The Trail gives access to 90,000 acres of forest The Flambeau land along two branches of the scenic Flambeau River.

    Solberg Trail Open: May 1- March 14
    The trail is a total of 9.5 miles long including trail riding on a graveled surface and road routes. It crosses numerous wooden boardwalks and meanders through a variety of different forest types connecting to the Flambeau Trail System at Sailor Lake Campground located in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest (CNNF). You can also access Solberg Lake County Campground sites 1-16 and 37-60 via East Solberg Lake Road

    Georgetown Trail Open:May 15- March 14
    The Georgetown Trail is located entirely in the Price County Forest, with a mostly gravel surface. It meanders through a variety of forest types. Parking areas with loading/unloading ramp are located on both the north and south ends of the trail.

    Pine Line Trail Open: December 15-April 1
    The trail is a 26-mile abandoned railroad grade open to ATVs and UTVs in the winter only when trails are declared officially open to snowmobiles and the temperature is below 28 degrees.


    Wisconsin Residents are required to obtain a Wisconsin ATV/UTV Registration; Non-Residents are required to obtain a Wisconsin ATV/UTV Trail Pass prior to operating an all-terrain vehicle on any trail or route. Registrations and Trail Passes can be obtained three easy ways:

    Quickly and conveniently go online to register using a credit card by clicking here for the DNR ATV Online Registrations Page;
    Purchased over the counter at many DNR Authorized Sales Locations. Click here to find an Authorized Sales Location; or
    By calling WDNR at 1-888-WDNRINFO (1-888-936-7463 FREE).

    For additional information on Registrations/Trail Passes, click here to visit the Wisconsin DNR ATV page.

    Details of trails around Park Falls


    Sawyer County Trail report

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    Vilas County ATV trails

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    The furnace is on high this week as our area will be getting the hottest temps of the year. Surface water temps are hitting the 80 degree mark.
    Anglers should exercise caution during mid day heat and should target early mornings and late evenings for the best bite.
    Blue gill action is very good. Work deep edges of cabbage and coontail using small leeches on slip floats.
    Musky action is good late.Top water action using top raiders, fat bastards, and hog wobblers. Deepwater action on grandmas, jakes and large rubber baits. Look for bait fish pods when searching for these open water muskies.
    Largemouth bass has been very good. Top water eevening action is best using jitterbugs, hula poppers and scum frogs. Look for cover areas like blowdowns and lily pads. Wacky worms are also effective.
    Smallmouth bass on gravel flats and humps using drop shot rigs dressed with plastic.
    Walleye activity has been so/so. Crawler harness trolled at .9mph off deep weedlines are getting bites.
    No matter what species you are fishing for fish can stress out very easy with these warm water temps. Practice quick catch and release.
    Good Luck Fishing